Starting a support Group

A goal of Michigan Citizens for Justice is to spread these support groups all over Michigan. If there is no meeting close to you and you would like to start a support group in your area we are happy to help. We encourage you, if possible, to attend a meeting or two of an existing group to see how it is done. It is helpful, although not necessary, to have several people in one geographical area who want to start a group. We are willing to help you:

  • find a place to meet
  • write a welcoming and informative invitation letter
  • get addresses of registrants in your area
  • advertise your group on our website
  • train your facilitators to guide the meetings (with Fearless Group resource materials from the National Alliance to Reform Sex Offender Laws and restorative justice circle practices)
  • co-conduct your first meeting or two (given location and time constraints)
  • become part of Michigan Citizens for Justice, a connected group of people in Michigan working together to restore registrants to their full potential