Anti-Tether Advocacy

The Michigan Citizens for Justice Advocacy Committee is working to change Michigan’s mandatory lifetime tether law for people with certain sex offense convictions.

MCL 750.520N, implemented in 2006, reads:

A person convicted under section 520b [CSC1] or 520c [CSC2] for criminal sexual conduct committed by an individual 17 years old or older against an individual less than 13 years of age shall be sentenced to lifetime electronic monitoring as provided under section 85 of the corrections code of 1953, 1953 PA 232, MCL 791.285.

This has been interpreted by the court case People vs. Brantley (2012)to apply to ALL people convicted of a CSC1 as well as certain CSC2’s.

We believe this law adds an unreasonable amount of punishment to people who have already had more than enough punishment and supervision. We believe sanctions should be based on a person’s level of dangerousness, not using arbitrary, mandatory punishment.

The number of people with lifetime electronic monitoring is relatively small, less than 1,000, compared to the number of people on Michigan’s Registry, 40,000. However, this number is growing rapidly as people are released from parole, because it is relatively new and the only way off is death. The resources and money spent on this could be more usefully spent on prevention and treatment.

If you agree that this law needs to be changed or eliminated, contact your State Representatives. We would also love your help on our committee. For more information email