ACLU Training Audio Available

Thanks to our musician and audio-engineer member Rich we now have a recording of our February 23, 2019 advocacy training. The training was given by Shelli Weisberg and Tim Poxson of the ACLU of Michigan and is described in a little more detail in a previous blog post. It’s about two hours long, but you don’t have to listen to all of it. So that you can go directly to the parts you want to review, here’s an index giving you starting and ending times of each major segment:

0:00–0:20Skip (Conversation before training)
0:20–6:24Shelli Weisberg’s introduction
6:24–16:50Skip (Participant introductions)
6:24–12:18Tim Poxson’s introduction
12:18–56:45Status of Does cases
56:45–1:24:23Advocacy training
1:24:23–1:39:30Model role play by Shelli, Tim, and Greg
1:39:30–1:48:55Skip (Small group role playing)
1:48:55–2:02:56Evaluations of small groups
2:02:56–2:07:58Next steps