Ask for Video Visits for Federal Prisoners

September, 2023 As far as we know, there is no video visiting for federal prisoners. It is important for the Bureau of Prisons to add this capability as family and friend connections are very important to the safety and success of prisoners and their families, while they are incarcerated and post-incarceration. We encourage you also to write. Below is a sample letter that you can modify.

Dear Addressee:

I am writing regarding the need for Video Visiting at all federal prisons. Maintaining relationships with family and friends is important. I am part of a support group and a mother in that group has shared this deficiency. She also reported that her son is in a unit with only 4 phones available for approximately 200 inmates. This makes calling his children impossible at times. In-house contact visitation is ideal, but that is not always an option for families due to the huge distance and cost to travel across the nation. Families have even traveled these great distances, rented a hotel room and car only to discover the day they arrive that the facility is on Lock-down. Some facilities have restrictions on visiting, including visiting hours that prevent working families and school age children, elderly, and people with disabilities from visiting. There are children who don’t remember what their mother or father looks like.

Research shows that maintaining strong family ties has a positive impact on an offender’s success completing treatment programs during incarceration, and their success after release. It is also important to the mental health of the person’s family. The Marshall Project states video visiting is a way to spend time together and stay connected, which gives families, children, and inmates hope.

I am sure you know the importance of families staying connected with their incarcerated loved ones. I am urging you to advocate for Video Visiting at all State and Federal facilities.


[your name]

Mail to:
Bureau of Prisons Director Collette Peters
Central Office HQ
320 First Street NW
Washington DC 20534
Bureau of Prisons Deputy Director William W Lathrop
Central Office HQ
320 First Street NW
Washington DC 20534

Send copies to:
North Central Regional Office and
the Warden at Milan Prison –