Registrants as political candidates? YES!!!

We actually had two candidates from Michigan Citizens for Justice run for political office in the August, 2020 primary election. One ran for county prosecutor! He did not win, but was open about his past and ran a credible race, participating strongly in every debate. The other member ran and won as a precinct delegate for his party. We thank both of them for their courage and the desire to make a difference. This is the beginning of change.

One of the candidates wrote, “I encourage everyone of us to run for a Public Office. We Have a voice. We Have a presence. My State House Rep., who sits on the House Judiciary committee, congratulated me on my election. It is a start. I will not let my conviction define who I am or overshadow my life or ambitions. There are 44,000 Registrants in the State. We have Political Power and A Political Voice.”

And the other wrote, “I am so proud to have run this race, our message definitely got out there. Many people were encouraged”.

These two make me feel good about Michigan Citizens for Justice, for one of our goals is to take people who are being demonized and demoralized and empower them, to help them see their inherent goodness and value, to help people rise to their potential.