The Support Groups are Growing

April, 2019 – The Kalamazoo group is successfully transitioning to two new co-leaders. The new leaders have ideas for improving the group. The effect of their ideas was evidenced by the fact that in March, there were 21 attendees — the largest meeting to date. Kalamazoo is also interested in working with the Michigan ACLU to improve Michigan’s sex offense laws.

The Washtenaw group is also growing. In April, there were 32 attendees. Attendance was boosted by a guest speaker, a psychologist. However, numbers are consistently going up. So much so, that there is talk about when it will be necessary to split into two groups.

At the Washtenaw April support group meeting there were people from Traverse City and Port Huron who hope to start similar support groups in those areas. There is definitely a need for these types of groups. Every week we receive enquiries from family members or people forced to register.