Michigan has the 4thlargest state registry per capita in the nation!

Michigan Citizens for Justice provides mutual support for those who have been convicted of a sex offense, their families and friends, and it advocates for just and equitable sex offense laws.

In the United States those accused of sex offenses suffer severe consequences. In addition to lengthy prison sentences, registration, and restrictions, there is the shame and stigma that effect family and friends as well as the accused. These consequences extend way beyond any action that would make our communities safer; in fact they can inadvertently do the opposite.

Michigan Citizens for Justice has created support groups where affected people can come together and be understood when they share their difficulties. These are peer-led, safe spaces where rejected and hurt people can be a community to each other. We educate each other so that we don’t inadvertently violate existing laws. Sometimes we invite a presenter to a meeting, such as a lawyer or a psychologist, to educate ourselves. We try to help each other by compiling lists of employers, landlords, lawyers, therapists and other useful resources. We become friends and support each other during and outside of meetings.

Currently, we hold monthly in-person support group meetings in Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo and an on-line support group for people who cannot make an in-person meeting. Our goal is to spread these meetings to every part of Michigan. See Starting a Support Group.